dyann dines.

“No Thank you, I  only like my mom’s peanut butter [no jelly] sandwiches.”   …the phrase that defined my youth.  I denied myself of incredibly tasty things just because I was a hard- headed fool and probably had some kind of un-diagnosed childhood eating disorder. I frequently made life inconvenient for everyone around me by insisting on drinking only milk, and eating only chicken strips. … Continue reading dyann dines.

is normal a thing?

It’s true, I loathe cliché quotes and life mantras, but really, who doesn’t hate overused-taken way out of context phrases that everyone and their mother seem to live their {rather dull} lives by. If I’m ever repeating something that came out of Marilyn Monroe’s or the fictitious, Carrie Bradshaw’s mouth, and it’s not in a sarcastic manner, you have my full support in never speaking to me … Continue reading is normal a thing?

say my name, say my name

What’s in a name? Apparently your future, according to an article titled 13 Surprising Ways Your Name Affects Your Success on Business Insider. As someone who personally loves her name, these facts were rather upsetting. If your name is easy to pronounce, people will favor you more. // So people don’t like me. That’s cool. If your name is common, you are more likely to be hired. … Continue reading say my name, say my name

february festivities

Since the first day of February is TOMORROW, (I can’t believe 2015 is already going by so quickly!) I thought I’d share a few things going on in the area if find yourself searching for fun. My friends at Thrillist (one of my favorite sources of information especially on Fat Kid Fridays) and D Magazine helped me out with a few of these. Update: Here’s a list of 25 Dallas Happenings … Continue reading february festivities


Introverted. Sensing. Thinking. Judging.   Me in a nutshell according to the personality test I took on 16personalities.com. I’ve taken several personality tests before, but feel like this one has been the most accurate. It was almost creepy reading the description of the ISTJ personality type, because I felt like a website was reaching into the depths of my soul and telling me more about … Continue reading istj

what would you lose?

This weekend I went on a retreat with my church to Allaso Ranch. It’s always nice to get away and relax, but also to be challenged spiritually. Some of my favorite Prestonwood speakers were there, but one session, in particular, really hit home for me. Clint Ivy’s sermon titled “Now” explored revival and change. If you’ve been keeping up with the garrulous goat you know … Continue reading what would you lose?

i’ve got my eye on you

Looking to simulate your visual senses this weekend, but not seeing enough time in your future to spend hours in a museum? Check out these 5 Dallas spots I’ve got my sights set on. The Joule Hotel– Its exciting downtown location proudly boasts works by 15 internationally acclaimed artists from 6 different countries. Meddlesome Moth– Stained glass featuring Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee … Continue reading i’ve got my eye on you