Welcome to The Garrulous Goat!

The Garrulous Goat is an organized collection of miscellany: my thoughts and opinions on fashion, music, movies, design, cool things I find on the internet, and pretty much anything I deem worthy enough to excessively ramble about.

You’re probably thinking why The Garrulous Goat?

  • The definition of garrulous is “excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.”
  • The definition of goat is “a hardy domesticated ruminant animal that has backward curving horns and (in the male) a beard. It is kept for its milk and meat and is noted for its lively and frisky behavior.”

garrulous1 goatdef

  • Basically both of the these words describe me to. a. T. …except for maybe the part about horns and beard. Maybe?

With that being said, I hope you find a smidgen of joy, inspiration and maybe a little insight from my corner of the world wide web. If you ever want to share something that you think I should feature, or want to contact me don’t hesitate to send me an email to Dyann.Vamvakas@gmail.com.






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