serving sherlock on saturday.

On the middle finger of my right hand I have a splinter festering beneath my skin. Yes, it’s painful (and I should probably do something about it before it gets really gross) but it’s also a reminder of the amazing things happening in a neighborhood named Bonton in South Dallas. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday morning priming a fence, playing with chickens, becoming friends with goats, and hopefully impacting the lives of residents of Bonton.

You chicken?

Basically, Bonton is a low-income community in South Dallas, and its located in what is called a food desert. The nearest grocery store is about 5 miles a way and can take up to 2+ hours round-trip on the bus. Ain’t nobody got time fo that. Most of the people living there, obviously, don’t get to go to the grocery store on the reg and when they do they purchase a lot of unhealthy, processed foods that will last until they can make it back to the grocery store- and in most cases they don’t know when that will be. There is a small convenience store available but it isn’t the ideal place to bring children, or anyone for that matter, to educate them on the importance of nutrition.

“So people wind up going to Big Daddy’s and wade through all the guys trying to hustle drugs and prostitutes. They wind up getting a can of Spam and a honey bun and a soda. You do that long enough, and it kills you.” – Dallas Morning News

H.I.S. BridgeBuilders (an organization that Prestonwood partners with) has a huge hand in Bonton Farm Works on Second Saturdays. Bonton Farms is an urban farm created to make available local, organic produce for members of the community. It’s main goals are to “provide healthy, affordable food and opportunity for the people of Bonton.” Since 1996 Habitat for Humanity has repaired almost 170 houses and crime, particularly violent offences, has decreased in recent years. There are major improvements being made, but there is always work to be done.

They have GOATS!

It was a humbling experience to spend Valentines Day loving the people of Bonton, and serving an organization that cares so deeply for the quality of life and opportunities available to its inhabitants. The Dallas Morning News recently featured an article about the work happening in Bonton, and It’s truly a magnificent piece. Check it out here! If you ever feel compelled to volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities available check out the H.I.S. BridgeBuilders website for more information.

My mom and I also visited the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at the Perot Museum on Saturday! We got to put our detective skills to the test and solve a crime as we made our way though the beautiful display. The exhibit will be there until May 10th (my brother’s birthday!,) so you should definitely plan a trip to the Perot soon. We had so much fun exploring the museum and stuffing our faces with fine cuisine from the food trucks at Klyde Warren Park. (I’m pretty sure I gained 10 pounds. #worthit) The days I get to spend exploring my city with my mom are some of my most special memories, I’m glad we got to add this to our list! 🙂

Me and Dru.

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