casinos and colours

Last Friday at this exact time I was frantically speed walking (while still looking totally not awkward) through Terminal A at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport looking for a Starbucks- only to find that of them was closed. The horror. How was I supposed to get on a flight to Vegas and maintain a high level of alertness without some form of pseudo energy in my system? After hiking approximately 5 miles in my heels and rolling my Longchamp bag around the airport, I finally settled for a Starbucks Double Shot Energy Drink and some gummy bears. #healthnut

Tonight I’m not in glittery leggings, but my ratchet grey leggings I bought when yoga was on the brink of world domination and I thought that having a pair of leggings and a yoga mat would make me cool. I am now aware that not even lululemon leggings can up my cool factor, thus the reason I’m sitting in bed on a Friday night writing this post. Well, that, and the fact I can’t physically move my body after consuming embarrassing amounts of pizza at 2 of my 3 meals today. #fat

Enough about my current pathetic state, and back to the purpose of this post: last weekend when I was lucky enough to experience a city I’d never visited before and spend some quality time with the roomie. Here is a visual recap of our weekend in Las Vegas.

The epitome of a nutritious dinner.
Probably the lamest person to ever grace the streets of Vegas. Seriously, I gambled 11 dollars the entire time.
Selfie Game On Point at The Cosmopolitan.
The Wynn. These are not just colors, but COLOURS.
The Wynn Gardens
I have a thing for pirate ships. It was a phase.
Year of the [garrulous] goat!
Karlie’s Wings! #favoriteangel
The things I would do for a Harry Winston yellow diamond.
Bellagio- Year of the Goat
Bellagio #swoon
Fountains synchronized to Celine Dion and Peanut Butter Gelato. 🙂
…so we bought Toms sandals because our feet had never been in so much pain. #yourwelcomekidsinafrica
I’d only been waiting for this moment since 1999.
Descending from heaven, bestowing blessings on us all.
All eyes on me, in the center of the ring…
Bye Vegas! Until Next time.

Vegas Thoughts:

  • The people watching is PRIME, especially when the subjects are inebriated. I highly recommend this form of entertainment.
  • Foreigners walk around with toilet paper draped over them and try to lure you in by wrapping around you. KEEP WALKING.
  • Heels do not give you blisters, but Chucks do, resulting in buying new shoes for the “sole” purpose of walking down the strip to see Britney Spears.
  • Moving sidewalks are a gift from God.
  • Read the signs and practice self-control, or you will end up with 26 dollars worth of M&Ms.
  • The art in the hotels and Bellagio Fountains (we might have watched them as many times as we possibly could) are the best parts of Sin City. *Except for Britney, of course, She SLAYED.
  • Britney was completely and totally everything I’d always imagined. I’m so glad she made it through her tumultuous 2008 and lived to do a Vegas show.
  • The//Shopping//Though. If I had unlimited funds, God knows the damage I would do at Hermes, Chanel, and Cartier is insurmountable.
  • Not singing along to Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To Be An American” is not only unpatriotic, it is a sin. Also, foreigners love it when they can hear you signing it in the background of their iPhone videos.
  • If going to Vegas and only indulging in pizza, gelato, and new shoes at Kitson is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.



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