llama be honest

A few of my favorite (and horrifying) things I read on the interwebs today.


  • Intimacy and what it really means on goop. I have a feeling that Gwyneth and I would be great friends (I wonder if she would introduce me to Chris Martin?) I’m not too sure about this Dr. Habib character, but he writes an intriguing article makes some good points.

“Intimacy requires each person to relinquish the ego and merge into something greater than themselves. The ego can falsely perceive this as a death and so fight vehemently to maintain its separateness. It takes great courage to be vulnerable and let go.”- Gwyneth’s Love Guru


  • 14 Dallas Date Ideas– These are actually pretty fun ideas…for those of you who do this sort of thing. …I just want the guy at the Chick-Fil-A to give me a few extra nuggets in my 12-pack.

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