patio season

I mentioned  a new restaurant called Spork in one of my previous posts, and well…it opened today!!! I am super excited to try this new “roadside eatery” in Plano/North Dallas. The menu consists 5 of my most favorite things: burgers, salads, sandwiches, cocktails and shakes. With its neon-outer space theme, it seems like a perfect place to enjoy a casual meal on the patio with … Continue reading patio season


Yall know I’m a sucker for a good infographic… and I’m also notorious for saying I’ll make doctor’s appointments and then never actually do. So, it only makes sense that an infographic would prompt me to change my ways. This extremely informative one about autoimmune diseases. Many people aren’t even aware about what autoimmune diseases are, but nearly 23.5 million Americans are diagnosed with one- … Continue reading A.D.s

rules, rings, and refugees

A few gifts from me to you. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are the greatest power couple of all time. I’m borderline obsessed…in a non-creepy way of course. Taylor just donated $50K to N.Y.C. public schools. Karlie is stepping down as a V.S. Angel so she can go NYU. They play the best friends game with Vogue. Taylor helped a fan pay off part of … Continue reading rules, rings, and refugees

serving sherlock on saturday.

On the middle finger of my right hand I have a splinter festering beneath my skin. Yes, it’s painful (and I should probably do something about it before it gets really gross) but it’s also a reminder of the amazing things happening in a neighborhood named Bonton in South Dallas. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday morning priming a fence, playing … Continue reading serving sherlock on saturday.

greek to me

A little bit of background about me: I live in America because my Greek great- grandfather had the courage to jump ship (literally) on an arranged marriage. He left out of Istanbul, Turkey and made his way to Ellis Island to try his hand at the American Dream. Though I’m only 1/8th Greek, I’ve always been deeply interested in the culture, food, traditions, and language … Continue reading greek to me

casinos and colours

Last Friday at this exact time I was frantically speed walking (while still looking totally not awkward) through Terminal A at Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport looking for a Starbucks- only to find that of them was closed. The horror. How was I supposed to get on a flight to Vegas and maintain a high level of alertness without some form of pseudo energy … Continue reading casinos and colours

llama be honest

A few of my favorite (and horrifying) things I read on the interwebs today. Llamas and Pajamas on  Llamas wearing Hermès and male models wearing L.L. Bean. Happy Valentines Day! Vogue’s Llama Travel Guide 7 Llamas Who Take Their Hair Cues From Celebrities Llama Photobombs  The 9 Funniest Llama Memes– my personal favorite. Yoga pants illegal in Montana?  – This gives me a legitimate reason to … Continue reading llama be honest


I’ve recently been told that I say “like” too much, and I’ve also recently read an article about  7 things people pretend to like.  Shakespeare // The Truth // Bacon // When Their Friends Succeed // Reading // Being Parents // and Themselves. Quite honestly, this list depresses me. So I’m going to talk about a few things I actually like. #noshame One Direction. More specifically … Continue reading like